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A mobile solution to the removal of paint, rust and much more!

We offer both sandblasting and dustless blasting, which is a chemical and environmentally friendly process that involves mixing the blasting media with water and rust inhibitor for a zero dust process and prevents flash rust for up to 72 hours. 

Materials safe to blast:

  • Building Surfaces                 

  • Concrete

  • Pools

  • Industrial Equipment

  • Agricultural Machinery 

  • Pipelines

  • All types of automobiles

  • Brick and stone

  • Houses/weatherboard

  • All types of metals

The main media used for blasting is recycled glass or garnet which leaves a perfect paint ready surface.


Dustless blasting when using water and rust inhibitor is a new process perfect for any scenario. It is Eco-friendly, creates less mess, uses recycled materials, we can blast at our premises or use our mobile unit to blast at your location, it is faster than any other methods and the process requires little to no containment.

For a better idea of the work we do check out our GALLERY!

Dustless Blasting also offers the option of undercoating after blasting which prevents rust for up to 1-2 months if dry stored correctly. We offer both a single etch black/grey primer or a twin pack epoxy primer for the protection of exposed metals, for worry free painting.

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